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Ham Radio

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Boy am I glad you came here, after all the work I went get something I hope you will have fun with and enjoy. This was all done with another one of my new hobbies WebTV. I have had my Sony terminal since January '97 when I couldn't even spell look!

I live in the mountains of western North Carolina, in a town called Hendersonville. Everything on my page of course is of some interest to NASA and the shuttle program. I was able to watch the first shuttle launch back in 1981, and the launch in February '97.

The World Radiois kinda close to the heart as I spent most of my life's work in Radio Broadcasting. From a Disc Jockey to radio station General Manager.

Some of my hobbies you will also find here. Like Disney...Ham Radio...Nintendo 64...and the good old Speed Traps. It has kept my insurance cost way down, check that out before your next trip. Click away and enjoy!

A lot of my cyber friends have asked me where I got the name MazeDon from. What I did was take my last name and Anagramed it, which gave me about seven choices. MazeDon was the one I liked best. Try'll like it!

Maze Game

Carolina Panthers
Could this be Maze at age 10?

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